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Here's how to prepare the green beans omelette both in the pan and in the oven.

How to make green beans omelette

Check the green beans, cut them in half and wash them.

Boil the beans in salt water.

When the beans are cooked but al dente, drain and cool in cold water.

Drain the string beans and dry them.

cook green beans

Beat the eggs and add the salt, the pepper and the grated cheese.

Stir and then add the green beans.

If you want you can add half shallot finely sliced ​​to flavor your omelette.

Another option is to add a few tablespoons of ricotta with eggs.

beat eggs

At this point you can proceed with cooking in the pan or in the oven.

If you cook the baked bean omelette, pour the mixture into a baking pan lined with parchment paper.

Bake in 180 ° hot oven for 30-40 minutes medium oven shelf.

The omelette is ready when it is golden on the surface.

cooking omelette

Take out the omelette, let it cool and serve.

The green beans omelette is excellent both cold and lukewarm and can be kept well the next day (kept in the fridge).

green beans omelette


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